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14th February 2011

2011 – February 14th sees the launch of the latest Stella Artois advertising campaign for its premium 4% smooth lager. The 4th instalment of the Triple Filtered, Smooth Escapades campaign takes place on a train and will transport the viewer back to the 1960’s French Riviera, the artistic home of Stella  Artois 4%, taking them on an amusing journey – to again ensure they’re ‘Triple-filtered with a Smooth Outcome’.

Created by Mother London, the ‘Triple Train’ ad begins with a dishevelled young man spotting a beautiful brunette on the station platform as the departure whistle for her train blows. With a raised eyebrow he spontaneously follows her onto the train climbing aboard carriage number three as the train steams away. Leaving a collection of baffled observers in his wake, we see him work his way stealthily from carriage to carriage whilst undergoing a smooth, triple transformation. From casually dressed chancer to ticket collector to moustachioed waiter, he finally emerges in the first class carriage where he undergoes his final transformation to smooth and dapper gentleman. Following his triple filtered makeover, our hero finds the beautiful woman reclining by the bar. Our cool, calm and collected main man gets his smooth outcome as he enjoys a perfectly poured, chilled Stella Artois 4%.

The new ‘Triple Train’ advert follows in the footsteps of its hugely successful predecessor – the ‘Triple Piano’ ad of 2010. Voted by consumers as the 13th best advert of 2010 in ITV’s top 100 ads of the year, the piano instalment of the Triple Filtered, Smooth Escapades campaign proved its enduring popularity with viewers and fans of Stella Artois 4%.

The latest chapter of this multi million pound campaign will not just be seen on the nation’s TV screens but will also be backed by outdoor, VOD, cinema and press advertising. With VOD and OOH activity launching in February in line with the TV advert, March will see the introduction of cinema and press adverts to add further impact.

Stella Artois 4% is the most successful off trade launch in over a decade. The lower abv lager is positioned as a more premium alternative to other standard strength lagers in the market. This premium 4% category has seen volume growth 20% YOY*. The latest campaign captures the premium nature of Stella Artois 4% through highlighting its continental heritage and that it is triple filtered for a distinctive smooth outcome.

James Watson, Marketing Director, Stella Artois Western Europe, commented: “This latest instalment of our triple filtered, smooth escapades campaign is the fourth in the series and probably our best yet. Consumers love it, we’ll be supporting it big, and we really believe it will help drive brand preference and the continued success of Stella Artois 4% across both the On and Off Trade.”


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