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6th April 2011

6th April 2011 – LONDON – Stella Artois today unveiled a sophisticated new design for the brand’s full line-up of cans. The new Stella Artois Chalice Can will be rolled out globally in a phased process; here in the UK the new cans will be available in the off trade over the next couple of weeks.

When possible, Stella Artois should be served in its signature chalice glass, which showcases its rich, golden colour while releasing the beer’s flavour and aroma. The new Stella Artois Chalice Can is inspired by the iconic Stella Artois chalice glass, and the secondary packaging for can packs has also been updated to complement the new can design.

The sleek new can features the chalice glass silhouette against a silver coloured background, which, together with complementary secondary packaging is designed to enhance on-shelf appeal and reinforce the brand’s heritage and quality cues as embodied by the iconic Stella Artois chalice glass.

James Watson, Marketing Director, Stella Artois, Western Europe said: “Our fresh new packaging has been shown to increase consumer appeal above and beyond our competitors, while also communicating Stella Artois’ heritage and quality. The new Stella Artois Chalice Can design reflects our determination to raise the bar when it comes to quality and sophistication – the key values that form the foundation of the Stella Artois brand.”


For more information, please contact:

Lauren Garner, Threepipe

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Notes to editors

  • The new can design will be available for all Stella Artois can sizes in the UK: 330ml, 440ml, 500ml and 568ml
  • High res imagery available upon request

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