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13th May 2011

The iconic beer brand launches its latest commercial for its premium 5% lager

 2011 – On 13th May – Stella Artois is set to launch another new stylish television advert for its premium 5% lager. Le Apart-O-Matic, directed by Hollywood film icons Wes Anderson (Fantastic Mr Fox) and Roman Coppola cleverly combines a witty storyline with stunning sixties inspired cinematography that perfectly reflect the sophisticated values of Stella Artois.

Created by Mother, Le Apart-O-Matic shows our classy leading man bring a beautiful brunette back to his modern, gadget-laden apartment. He wows her with his living room gadgetry before grooving his way to his room to change clothes. Sitting alone, the leading lady looks down at a control box in front of her – Le Apart-O-Matic. Intrigued, she starts flicking the switches, resulting in the apartment coming alive with bright lights lowering from the ceiling, television screens shooting on, furniture moving and flames emerging from a fireplace.  It’s not long before things get tricky with the gadgets seemingly out of control. Panicking, she quickly tries to turn the device off by hitting more buttons, but to no avail. Suddenly the Apart-O-Matic device starts preparing a perfect glass of Stella Artois 5% just as the couch she is sat on swallows her up.  Returning to the room in a sharp suit, our protagonist suddenly becomes aware that his companion has disappeared. Despite the muffled cries from the sofa his focus is elsewhere as he spots the perfectly chilled glass of Stella Artois awaiting him on the windowsill. The advert then finishes on the Stella Artois end line, ‘She is a thing of beauty’.

Le Apart-O-Matic was first premiered in Canada in 2010 where its popularity has lead to over 150,000 views to date on YouTube. The new ad is just one part of another extremely busy year for Stella Artois with a new advert for Stella Artois 4% having already aired, an international competition with the Cannes Film Festival, the launch of Stella Artois Cidre and more on and off-trade activity yet to be announced.

James Watson, Marketing Director, Stella Artois Western Europe, comments: “Stella Artois is famed for its award winning advertising, but we’ve raised the bar even higher with Le Apart-O-Matic. It characterises Stella Artois perfectly with its cool, sophisticated and witty storyline that we already know consumers love with over 150,000 having watched the video to date – probably with a chilled glass of Stella Artois in their hand.”

The ad will launch with an extended 60 second version and then run nationally through out May and June.

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Notes to Editors:

Credits for Apartomatic

Project name: Apartomatic

Client: Stella Artois 5%


Creative agency: Mother

Copywriter: Mother

Art director: Mother

Planner: Mother

Production company: Moxie Pictures

Director: Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola

Editor: Stephen Perkins

Post-production: MPC

Audio post-production: FACTORY


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