Ab InBev Luton staff hold no shave campaign in bid to save 3,000 pints – Part of AB InBev UK’s support for World Environment Day – Back to news

6th June 2011

LUTON – 6 June 2011 – Staff at AB InBev UK’s Head Office in Luton are this week participating in a “no shave campaign” in an effort to conserve water at household level.

This is part of AB InBev’s support for World Environment Day (WED) and its global partnership with United Nations Environment Programme to Reduce Water Use and Promote Watershed Protection.

Twenty-five of AB InBev UK’s Luton-based staff members – including President Stuart MacFarlane are hoping to save around 1,575 litres of water during their no shave campaign. The equivalent of 2,771 pints or around 8 fully filled baths.

Stuart MacFarlane, President, AB InBev UK said:

“World Environment Day is an important point in our year-round commitment to reduce our impact on the environment. This year I’ve been taking part in a no shave campaign with fellow colleagues. It may seem like a simple thing, but collectively even small individual actions can have a big effect. I’d like to thank all our staff for taking part in this – and a number of other activities – this year.”

Last year, AB InBev’s global World Environment Day activity yielded more than 550 environmental and volunteer employee-generated projects in 21 countries, with more than 300 projects focused on water conservation.

Many of the best practices put into place as part of WED are helping to create a lasting impact on the company’s ability to become increasingly water efficient and has led to measurable progress toward reducing its global water usage. For example, the winner of last year’s competition, the St. Louis brewery in the U.S., helped to save more than 10.5 million hectoliters of water, resulting in 3.7 million USD in savings for the company.

In March 2011, AB InBev announced progress toward achieving a leading-edge water usage rate for its plants of 3.5 hectoliters of water for each hectoliter of production by the end of 2012, a commitment unveiled last year as part of the company’s global Better World goals. The company has also set ambitious environmental goals around reducing energy use, reducing carbon emissions, and increasing its recycle and reuse rates by the end of 2012.

AB InBev’s work to lighten its impact on the environment is one of three core pillars of the company’s Better World plan. The company’s global goals also include commitments on promoting responsible drinking and giving back to the communities in which it operates.


Notes to Editors

  • Water saving calculations based on average of 9 litres of water used per shave (from filled basin rather than having left tap running)
  • Based on average bath holding 200 litres of water


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