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4th July 2011

July 4 sees the premiere of the first TV advertisement for the newly launched Stella Artois Cidre from AB InBev UK.  The advert for the new premium-crafted Stella Artois Cidre will drive further brand awareness, building on the recent outdoor advertising, reinforcing with consumers the product’s core message, “C’est Cidre, Not Cider. From Stella Artois.”

Set with the familiar Stella Artois backdrop of retro style, the 60 second advert opens with “Le President” of Stella Artois hurriedly walking with his team of aides through a hallway.  Le President enters his personal studio ready to address the nation with a very important announcement.

Dressed in a classic navy suit, Le President settles down at his news desk to read a specially prepared statement live on air – all delivered with the familiar Stella Artois style of sophistication and intelligent wit.


Good evening, Mesdames et Messieurs. It has come to my attention that there is word on the street. That Stella Artois is about to launch a cider. Non. Non. Non. Non. Non.

Stella Artois is launching a Cidre. Not Cider. For gentlemen and women who can appreciate a sophisticated drink. Made with apples on the continent…”

Keeping in line with the retro 60’s theme, a hand held faux set tree slowly slides from the top of the set to allow Le President to pick an apple from a branch. A beautiful brunette assistant enters the news set to pass Le President a tray with the new Stella Artois Cidre and bespoke chalice so he can raise a toast to the nation.

As Le President relaxes and gets more comfortable in this special tête at tête with the nation, he proceeds to pour himself a Cidre, chilled and over ice. The advert concludes with Le President walking around to the front of his desk and perching on the end to enjoy his perfectly crisp and refreshing, chilled Stella Artois Cidre – reminding the nation to remember “C’est Cider, Not Cider. From Stella Artois.”

The new advert for Stella Artois Cidre will be broadcast nationally from July 4 for six weeks during the peak summer period.  It follows in the footsteps of the hugely successful ‘Triple Train’ (Stella Artois 4%) and ‘Apartomatic’ (Stella Artois 5%) adverts from Stella Artois, and is expected to be a hit with viewers and fans of Stella Artois, familiar with the sophistication and intelligent wit associated with the brand.

James Watson, Marketing Director, Stella Artois Western Europe, says, “Since the April launch of Stella Artois Cidre we have received a fantastic response and this is another demonstration of our commitment to innovation and investment to the brand.  Following on from the recent outdoor campaign reinforcing the message ‘C’est Cidre, Not Cider’, we hope the new ‘Le President’ TV ad will amuse and engage our discerning consumers, whilst driving continued success for Stella Artois across the On and Off Trade.”

Drawing on more than 600 years of brewing tradition and famous for delivering a premium and unique Belgian taste experience, Stella Artois is uniquely positioned to launch the refreshingly different Stella Artois Cidre, which reflects the brand’s premium nature, quality, craft and heritage.


Editors notes:

  • Stella Artois Cidre is crisp and refreshing, with an ABV of 4.5%
  • Advert created by Mother


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