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9th August 2011

Beck’s continues to innovate as Beck’s Vier launches in a bottle for the first time.

The Beck’s brand generated the fastest year-on-year value growth rate of any drink brand in the on trade last year, significantly supported by Beck’s Vier’s high end distribution growth, premium pricing and absolute volume growth*. Now Beck’s Vier will launch a premium SKU in the off trade to continue the momentum.

The new 275ml Beck’s Vier square-neck bottle will be available exclusively in the off-trade and rolls out nationally this week in 4pk and 12pk. The singular design of the new bottle builds on the brand’s history of independent thinking and takes its inspiration from the success of the Beck’s Vier square-bottom pint glass.

Beck’s Vier is going back on TV to support the launch of the square-neck bottle. This is the first national TV campaign for the Beck’s brand since 2008. Beginning on August 11th the campaign will run for 4 weeks and be complemented by print advertising in music, arts and lifestyle media. The communications will convey that this is the same smooth Beck’s Vier, now in a square-neck bottle.

Fabienne Rollot, Beck’s Western European Marketing Director said: “We want to give Beck’s Vier customers the opportunity to enjoy the same premium, unique Beck’s Vier experience in the off trade”.

Beck’s Vier is a 4% ABV lager brewed in accordance to the German Purity Law of 1516, which stipulates that only malted barley, hops, yeast and water may be used.




Editor’s Notes

In 1874 Beck’s was the first beer brand to be packaged in a green bottle, whilst all its competitors were sticking to the standard brown. 25 years ago Beck’s revamped drink packaging through its Art Labels campaign, which provided an important platform for emerging artists including Tracy Emin and which continues to lead in encouraging and enabling new artists, designers and musicians. Now, in 2011, it’s Beck’s Vier which is revolutionising the beer bottle again by completely transforming the design. The Beck’s Vier square-neck bottle is just part of the story.

* Source: CGA Brand Index Period 06 2011

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