Stella Artois Anoints Master of the Perfect Pour: Allaine Schaiko of Belgium Wins 2012 World Draught Master Competition Held in Montreal Back to news

30th October 2012

Allaine Schaiko Masters Complex 9-Step Pouring Ritual to Become
16th Stella Artois World Draught Master

LEUVEN, BELGIUM (October 26, 2012) – Last night, in front of hundreds of cheering spectators at Montreal’s famed Chalet du Mont-Royal, Belgian Allaine Schaiko  and Australian Charles Mudd squared off in the final duel of Stella Artois’ annual World Draught Master Competition. Their challenge? Perform a complex Belgian beer-pouring ritual with speed and precision, on the clock and under bright lights, before the watchful eyes of a panel of expert judges. Each year, the World Draught Master competition aims to find the world’s steadiest pouring hand.

This year, which marked the first time Canada hosted the prestigious competition, Allaine executed his mastery of the pour with a near perfect score. The Belgian was formally named the 2012 Stella Artois World Draught Master. He is the 16th World Draught Master, having triumphed among Stella Artois aficionados from around the world. 

“A perfectly poured Chalice is a thing of a beauty and it brings me great joy to be recognized as the 2012 Stella Artois World Draught Master. I’ve come a long way honing my skills in the pursuit of executing the 9-step Pouring Ritual flawlessly,” said Allaine Schaiko, of Belgium. “With such a storied brewing tradition, it is a true honor to have my name etched in the annals of Stella Artois history, especially being from Leuven, Belgium, Stella Artois’ home town. I look forward to serving as a global ambassador committed to ensuring every Chalice of Stella Artois is perfectly poured.”

Belgian beers are traditionally served in unique glasses developed to accentuate each beer’s unique flavor profile. For Stella Artois, that glass is the Chalice. The 9-Step pouring ritual makes the best use of the Chalice’s frame, stem and signature rim, and offers the best possible Stella Artois experience. 

“Belgians treat beer as seriously as the Swiss treat timekeeping,” said Andrew Sneyd, Global Vice President, Stella Artois. “The 9-Step pouring ritual is a subtle but important sign of respect for the customer. We train Stella Artois connaisseurs worldwide to master the technique, and we invite the best-of-the-best to compete against their peers from different countries. We’re proud to bestow the title of World Draught Master on Allaine. He earned it. He showed an exceptionally steady hand under pressure.”

Competitors from 21 countries participated in the 2012 World Draught Master competition. Finalists represent their home country, having won their nation’s Draught Master title in the weeks leading up to the event. They are flown to the competition’s host city – this year, gorgeous and cosmopolitan Montreal – where they spend a week celebrating with their peers and prepping for the Finals..

The 9-Step pouring ritual at the heart of the World Draught Master competition is rhythmic and complex. Steps include:

1.       The Purification

The Chalice must be cleaned and rinsed.

2.       The Sacrifice

The tap is opened in a single swift motion and the first drops of beer are poured.

3.       The Liquid Alchemy

The Chalice must be held at a 45° angle, just under the tap.

4.       The Crown

Lowering the Chalice permits the natural formation of the foam head.

5.       The Removal

The tap is closed quickly and the Chalice removed. No drips permitted.

6.      The Beheading

While the head foams up and threatens to overflow, a head cutter is deployed to smooth it gently.

7.       The Cleansing

The bottom and sides of the Chalice are to be cleaned.

8.       The Judgment

The perfect amount of foam equals two fingers.

9.       The Bestowal

The beer should be presented on a clean coaster, with the logo facing outward.

The judging panel at this year’s competition included Stella Artois World Draught Master Emeritus Chris Myers; Stella Artois Canadian Draught Master Emeritus Joe Oppedisano; Labatt’s Vice President of Marketing, Jorn Socquet; Global Vice President, Stella Artois, Andrew Sneyd; Global Stella Artois Brewmaster, Paul Van De Walle; and Stella Artois Canada Marketing Director, Arielle Loeb. In their estimation, Allaine Schaiko earned the title of Draught Master because of consistent excellence.

Competitors include:

Allaine Schaiko, Belgium

Arnaldo Hernandez Semidey, Puerto Rico

Bridgett Leggatt, Cayman Islands

Charles Mudd, Australia

Chase Schoondewoerd, New Zealand

Edgar De Litran, Chile

Encho Georgiev, Bulgaria

Jonathan Parker, Ireland

Jonathan Terninck, Canada

Julia Andrino, Argentina

Konstantinos Anastasiadis, Greece

Lotha Alcantara Purto, Singapore

Audrey Marie-Anne, Guadeloupe

Martyna Nedza, Cyprus

Melton Lopez Delfin, Hong Kong

Nitiput Phonwongloet, Thailand

Sándor József Gulyás, Hungary

Simone Mahdi, United Kingdom

Steve Kim, United States of America

Vadym Krushynski, Ukraine

Yasuaki Komon, Japan

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