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18th April 2013

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-New quality programme rewarding great taste-

08 April, 2013, LONDON – Stella Artois, the UK’s favourite premium beer brand¹,will be focusing the on trade’s attention on the importance of a perfectly poured and presented Stella Artois Chalice throughout 2013.  A series of activities and incentives have been created to showcase the pouring ritual, and communicate the growth potential of serving Stella Artois in the correct way.   Among the initiatives is an exclusive new reward programme, Stella Artois Connoisseurs, which celebrates the brand’s commitment to quality and pouring excellence.

The superior beer experience starts with the Chalice. The shape of the Chalice reflects hundreds of years of Belgian heritage.  It also keeps the Stella Artois cooler for longer through the stem design, and promotes better head retention.  Research shows that Stella Artois served from a Chalice increases consumers’ ‘willingness to pay more’ by 67% and increases their ‘perception of high quality’ by 20%.²

The superior beer experience ends with the skim.  The bartender must seal the head to remove larger bubbles which burst quicker causing the beer to dissipate.  The sealed head traps carbonation, allowing the head to last longer throughout the drinking experience.  As 2012 Stella Artois World Draught Master Allaine Schaiko explains:  “Maintaining the head in this manner is critical because the foam is where the slightly pronounced bitterness of Stella Artois comes to the forefront.  If you lose the head, you change both the taste and sensorial experience of the product.”

Selected outlets will be invited to join the Stella Artois Connoisseurs programme.  These are outlets that are committed to quality, ranging from their drinks selection through to their high standards of customer service and bar staff training. The Stella Artois Connoisseurs programme enables these outlets to provide this superior beer experience by giving them the tools required to deliver the experience and then, rewarding them for bringing the Stella Artois pouring ritual to life for the consumer.

The most important tools for the bar staff are the new Stella Artois skimmers, cups and drip trays which have been meticulously designed to signal to consumers that there is a beer available which is as discerning as they are.

Bar staff delivery of the Stella Artois pouring ritual will be monitored by mystery shoppers. Those outlets that perform all required steps of the programme will be rewarded by Stella Artois in the form of a loaded Visa Debit reward card.

Iain Newell, Marketing Director AB InBev UK said: “We are truly passionate about delivering the brand promise of a perfectly poured and presented Chalice of Stella Artois every time. We believe that outlets adopting the Stella Artois pouring ritual can set themselves apart with their demonstration of, and appreciation for, genuine quality.  The Stella Artois Connoisseurs programme is our opportunity to bring this quality experience alive in the on trade by rewarding those outlets and bar staff who are absolutely committed to quality.  The focus and investment we are putting behind promoting the Stella Artois pouring ritual will create increased consumer demand which will benefit our customers.”

An example of an outlet that has already seen the benefits of adopting the Stella Artois pouring ritual is The Folly from Drake & Morgan.  Taskin Mussaffer, Business Development Director said: “Our customers are passionate about our outlets because of the quality of experience they receive every time they walk through the door. We love that Stella Artois are as focused on the quality of experience as we are and can really see how much our customers appreciate receiving their Stella Artois perfectly poured and presented every time.  We are delighted to be part of the Connoisseurs programme in 2013.”

The Stella Artois pouring ritual forms part of the overall communications plan for the brand.  Poster, digital and online advertising will focus on specific details of the pour, for example elevating the role of ‘The Skim’ in the campaign ‘ A Cut Above.’

Selected outlets will be invited to join the programme from April.  Those outlets not selected for the programme can still implement the pouring ritual using the iconic Chalice.  Outlets can order and purchase Chalices by contacting their beer supplier, calling 01254 277844 or by visiting

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Stella Artois Connoisseurs participants are subject to the programme’s terms and conditions.

Pictured: Cuan Dumas, The Folly

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