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20th December 2016


Struggling on the dating scene? Try moderating your drinking

  • Brits drink smart to so they can enjoy their conversations (30%), stay in control (20%) and not say inappropriate things (29%) on dates
  • Nearly half (45%) moderate their alcohol to save money
  • Majority of Brits agree that a man who can moderate his alcohol intake is attractive (61%)
  • A quarter of Brits wish they’d drank more responsibly at university
  • 37% of students have missed a lecture due to drinking too much – and 5% have missed an exam


Moderate drinking and the dating scene

Almost a third of Brits (30%) polled said that they moderate their drinking on a night out so that they can enjoy ‘coherent and meaningful’ conversations, stay in control (20%), not embarrass themselves (38%) or say inappropriate things (29%) – all very important when on a date.


Unfortunately, almost one in 10 Brits (8%) admitted to making a fool of themselves on a date after drinking too much, and 7% owned up to going home with someone they didn’t plan to, thanks to over-consumption of alcohol.


Brits also believe moderate drinking is alluring; two thirds of Brits (61%) agree that a man who can moderate his alcohol intake is attractive, whilst a further three in five Brits (59%) also agree that their opinion of someone would change if they witnessed them getting carried away on a night out2.


University drinking

It’s not just love lives that are affected by alcohol intake; it’s also having an impact on our education, with a quarter (25%) of university graduates wishing they drank more responsibly whilst studying.


Nearly two fifths (37%) of students admitted to missing a lecture and 5% even missed an exam after drinking  too much the night before. On a positive note, more than a third (39%) claim moderate drinking – aided by the lack of a hangover – helped them meet university deadlines. Almost one in 10 (9%) claim their overall degree result was negatively affected by their drinking habits.


And it isn’t just work output that is impacted, with almost a fifth of students (19%) saying their sleep was impacted by drinking too. Furthermore, 15% claim that alcohol over consumption at university impacted their weight – thought to be because of the increased consumption of unhealthy foods (16%) alongside.


However, a third of Brits (33%) claim to have switched it up and drunk responsibly at university. This supports growing trends among the contemporary generation, who are increasingly motivated by balanced and healthy lifestyles, with 41% of those aged 18 to 19 actively trying to moderate their drinking habits3.


As such the lower and non-alcohol beer category has grown 19.5% in the past year4 alone, with nearly a third of Brits (32%) having tried alcohol-free beer, and millennials enjoying it at least once a week5


Yvonne Wake, a Public Health Nutritionist and Wellbeing Consultant, comments:

“Alcohol is associated with several lifestyle situations, as it’s often consumed when socialising and meeting new people – especially first dates – so it’s great to see that nearly a third of Brits moderate their alcohol intake to ensure that they can have meaningful conversations. To help you drink moderately on a night out, try to alternate your drinking to include alcohol-free drinks, such as Beck’s Blue or water.”


Commenting on the research, Anna Tolley, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director, AB InBev UK & Ireland said: “We’re asking Brits to switch it up, especially during the festive season, so they can experience the benefits of moderating their alcohol in-take first hand. It’s interesting to see people acknowledge the impact that over-consumption can have on both the dating scene and university experiences, and great to see a more moderate approach to alcohol is starting to appeal to our younger generation.”


“Offering people a variety of great tasting, alcohol-free options is an important part of our commitment to responsible drinking at AB InBev, and as part of our Global Smart Drinking Goals we are committing to ensure that low or no-alcohol beer represents at least 20% of our global beer volume by 2025.


A third of Brits (33%) have succumbed to the pitfall of making an online purchase under the influence – something to bear in mind with Christmas just around the corner!




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Notes to Editor:

Lower-alcohol refers to a beverage with no more than 1.2%. Alcohol-free products are no more than 0.05% alcohol.


Half of those polled have an alcoholic drink once a week, and nearly a quarter (24%) drink at least twice in seven days. The average male drinks 133.6 times a year – every 2.7 days – reducing to 101.9 times a year for women. Those over 55 drink most frequently, averaging 142.2 times a year, or every 2.5 days.



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