10th February 2017

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Three quarters of drinkers are more likely to buy a new beer if staff have the right measure of beer knowledge

10 February 2017: New research* has revealed that nearly three quarters of UK drinkers (74 per cent) are likely to try a new beer if staff know how to talk about it. Over a third of people (36 per cent) are drawn to pubs, bars and even particular retailers if they think that staff are knowledgeable. This shows that beer ‘know-how’ is a vital ingredient for successful outlets and retailers to help draw beer-lovers through the door.

To mark the upcoming launch of its new Beer Professional Education and Training course**, the survey commissioned by Pioneer Brewing Co., reveals that over half of respondents (56 per cent) believe that they have more beer knowledge than their local pub staff, and nearly half (46 per cent) rely on their own research to find out about their chosen tipple.

The importance of beer knowledge among bar staff cannot be underestimated with a fifth of beer lovers (20 per cent) shunning their local pub if bar staff aren’t savvy enough about the pints they are pouring.

The results have also revealed people’s biggest ‘bugbeers’ when it comes to how beer is served. Nearly two thirds of drinkers (59 per cent) get annoyed when their beer is served in a glass that isn’t the right temperature, while nearly half (49 per cent) say their biggest annoyance is receiving short and abrupt service.

As a saving grace, Pioneer Brewing Co. is launching the Beer Professional Education and Training course, to bring world-class beer education to trade professionals and craft beer enthusiasts across the UK. This two-level course will prepare attendees for the coveted Cicerone Certification, which has become the industry standard for identifying those with significant knowledge and professional skills in beer sales and service.

Jonny Tyson, European Beer Knowledge and Education Manager for Pioneer Brewing Company says, “Having impressive product knowledge is essential in today’s hospitality world, allowing staff to confidently advise on the best beers and ensuring a superior experience for customers. Our course provides an opportunity to excite and inspire both men and women about craft beer by expanding their understanding of individual brews – which is of huge importance to Pioneer Brewing Co.”

“Our goal is to bring knowledge to beer fans and to attract new consumers to the sector. It makes sense for companies to explore avenues like our BPET programme so that staff can embrace the world of craft beer This in turn will benefit their beer sales and ensure that consumers get the right information, a superior experience and are guided towards the perfect beer for them.”

Interestingly, the survey results showed that despite there being a year on year increase in female beer drinkers, 18 per cent of women still feel as though they’re being judged when drinking beer. While 27 per cent of female respondents are interested in increasing their beer knowledge, a fifth (20 per cent) stated that they feel uncomfortable asking for beer advice.

Tyson continues, “The survey results show us that customers want help from servers, like to hear about beer flavours and appreciate recommendations. By emphasising the knowledge of their bar staff and servers, venues with BPET trained and Cicerone® certified staff, should see an uplift in beer drinkers visiting their pubs and returning – with better training equating to better business!”

The nations top five biggest ‘bugbeers’:

  • Unknowledgeable staff (63%)
  • Beer being served in warm glassware (59%)
  • Receiving short and abrupt service (49%)
  • Beer being served in the wrong type of glass (23%)
  • Being made to feel silly about asking questions (18%)


Notes to Editors:

* The survey was carried out by Fly Research in the UK with 1,500 male and female participants aged 25+ in January 2017.

** The Beer Professional and Training Education course is launching in London and Leeds in March 2017. Classes in Leeds ( and London ( can be booked now.

This course is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Cicerone Certification Program.

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