Social Responsibility

A Cleaner World

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and operating in a responsible and resource-efficient way.

Beer is a product made from natural ingredients, so the stewardship of our natural environment is fundamental to the quality of our brands in the long term. Making sure we operate as efficiently as possible and do not waste natural resources also helps us to reduce costs.

Our focus is on the following areas:

1. Reducing our water use

High-quality water is fundamental to our business. It is a key ingredient in our beers and is used in the brewing process for cleaning, cooling and steam production. In the UK in 2012 we announced that we had reduced our water usage per hectolitre by 13%, a 19% improvement compared to 2009.

Our next global goal was to reduce water usage to 3.2 hectolitres of water per hectolitre of production by 2017, something which we achieved two years early in 2015. Our savings in water from 2013-2014 were enough to fill 4 billion cans of our beers.

Our commitment to water stewardship has made us the most efficient global brewer in terms of water use.

ReverseosmosisCase Study: “Smart with Water”

Reducing water consumption isn’t easy. It takes some smart thinking and some smart investment. That’s why we invested £250,000 in a water treatment process known as ‘Reverse Osmosis’

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2. Reducing our energy use and emissions

We are committed to conserving energy and reducing our CO2 emissions. Energy conservation has been a strategic focus at AB InBev for many years, especially with the unpredictable cost of energy and the increased focus on climate change. In the UK in 2012 we announced that we reduced energy consumption per hectolitre by 10% and cut CO2 emissions per hectolitre of production by 16%, a 25% improvement compared to 2009. Our global goal is to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and global energy usage per hectolitre of production by 10%.

3. Reducing waste and improving our packaging

As a company we understand how important it is to reduce our waste footprint. We are therefore committed to recycling more and using less. This includes working to improve packaging efficiencies and find cost-effective alternative uses for raw materials and by-products. We are also committed to minimising the environmental impact of our packaging materials. In the UK in 2012 we announced that we had recycled 99.8% of all waste and brewing by-products since 2009. Our global goal is to reduce packaging materials by 100,000 tonnes by 2017.

img_becksCase Study: Less bottle. Less CO2

We think that the famous Beck’s beer bottle is a design classic. But a small change to the design has made a real difference to the environment.

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We are working towards our 2017 global goals in the following ways:

1. Improving our processes

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our operations, so not only can we reduce cost, but also make better use of our resources. Through our Voyager Plant Optimisation facility management system, we set and monitor rigorous standards for sustainability, quality and safety.

2. Mobilising our people

We seek to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business. This ranges from setting individual targets on environmental performance across our supply, innovation, logistics and procurement functions, through to helping and encouraging all of our people to take responsibility for improving the resource-efficiency of our operations. This can be through activities such as tagging and reporting water leaks and coming up with new ideas through our Better World Best Idea Competition.

3. Investing in technology and innovation

We invest in innovations that help us make more efficient use of resources, such as Combined Heat and Power and Water Recovery technologies. We also continually develop our packaging designs to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

2015 Progress

For World Environment Day in 2015 we provided an update on our global progress towards achieving our environmental goals. We revealed that we have already met two of them, with strong progress elsewhere. Find out more here.

In the UK in 2015 we:

• Recycled nearly 100% (99. 96%) of all waste and brewing by-product
• Maintained water consumption at 3.88 HL per HL of beer produced
• Reduced energy consumption per hectolitre by 1% compared to 2014
• Reduced purchased CO2 per hectolitre by 18% compared to 2014


World Environment Day 2015

For World Environment Day in 2015, we ran a series of local initiatives which were all part of the SunRise Save the Beach campaign – a global programme led by Corona to maintain beaches, coasts and other areas of natural beauty.

In Magor, South Wales, our brewery team worked with Keep Wales Tidy to clean up and remove waste from the Monmouthshire foreshore in Caldicot.

2 community

In Samlesbury, near Preston, our brewery colleagues worked with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust to build a new path at a local nature reserve.

3 community

In Brighton, our Corona Team took to the seafront to make sure the beach was sparkling in the sunshine.

4 community

We also provided an update on our progress as a company towards our global environment goals for 2017. You can find more information about our progress here.