Social Responsibility

Less bottle. Less CO2.

Beck's big bottle

We think that the famous Beck’s beer bottle is a design classic. But a small change to the design has made a real difference to the environment.

In 2012, we introduced a new lightweight bottle for Beck’s and Beck’s Blue in the UK, reducing their weight by 20g.

Any products which are made of glass require the use of carbon dioxide in the manufacturing process. Reducing the amount of glass means a reduction in CO2 emissions during production.

This small change has saved more than 2,500 tonnes of glass per year, decreasing our CO2 emissions by almost 2,000 tonnes per year. That’s the amount of CO2 produced by 380 households.

As well as looking good, the new design means we’re making more efficient use of our resources, helping us to achieve our next global goal on reducing CO2 emissions.