Social Responsibility

Smart with water

Great beer needs great water – it’s an essential part of the brewing process. High quality water is fundamental to the drinks we make and is also used for cleaning, cooling and steam production.

But water is also an important natural resource. That’s why we have got a global goal focused specifically on reducing our water usage. By reducing water consumption we also reduce the strain on the environment.

With this is mind, staff at our brewery at Magor, in Wales, suggested a way of reducing its water consumption by 10%.

Reducing water consumption isn’t easy. It takes some smart thinking and some smart investment. That’s why we invested ¬£250,000 in a water treatment process known as ‘Reverse Osmosis’.

Reverse Osmosis

As part of the beer-making process, some water becomes dirty and impure. Reverse Osmosis turns this dirty water back into clean water by pushing the dirty water through a very fine membrane at extremely high pressure. The clean water can then be reused.

Since the start of 2011, 8.88 million hectolitres of water have been saved at the Magor brewery using water saving technology, including Reverse Osmosis. This is enough water to fill 240 Olympic sized swimming pools.

A bit of clever science. Some wise investment. A big difference.

Other developments

In November 2016, AB InBev installed a state-of-the-art water recovery system which recovers water from the filtration department for use in the cooling towers. Recycling in this way means we no longer have to use the fresh water supply as a coolant in our production cycle.

We have also fitted a new tunnel pasteurizer into the bottling line which uses a patented high-tech water system and control software to reduce our water usage by approximately 30%.