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Budweiser Farmers

Budweiser Farmers

 For 139 years, Budweiser has stayed true to its principles; taking more time to brew a lager to great standards for the ultimate tasting experience and we are proud to be working with farmers across the UK, and globally, to keep this tradition alive and support the farmers that are such an integral part of Budweiser’s longevity.

We announced in December 2014 that farms across the UK will grow barley for Budweiser, with 23 farms initially committing to growing barley for Budweiser – a number which has since swelled to 36. These UK farmers are also part of AB InBev’s SmartBarley℠ initiative, a farm level benchmarking tool that enables growers to measure their barley production against productivity and environmental performance indicators and to compare production with other barley growers at both local and global levels.

In July, to celebrate the unique partnership, over 30 farm owners and agricultural leaders came together at Wakefield Lodge Estate in Towcester to celebrate a ‘Day In The Field’ – an event that included guest speakers, a showcase of the Budweiser barley and a chance to see how it is grown.