Social Responsibility

Better World

We strive to make the world a better place. Combining our scale, resources and energy with the needs of our communities.

Our sustainability strategy is embedded throughout our business and across our supply chain. Enabling growth that benefits us and local communities and creating opportunities for all. When our business grows, communities grow. And when communities grow, so does our business.

We aim to tackle issues that are most material to our business and where we can make the most positive impact. By working together with local communities, NGOs, suppliers, governments, consumers and beyond, we can create value for all.

A Healthier World

Smart drinking choices affect everyone, every day. We are committed to helping foster a global culture of smart drinking to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

Beer brings people together, adding to the enjoyment of life and we are passionate about brewing great beers for our consumers to enjoy. But, we are just as passionate about ensuring that our beers are enjoyed responsibly.

We are committed to reducing the harmful use of alcohol in all of our markets. Extending and expanding our Global Smart Drinking Goals. And making the reduction of the harmful use of alcohol a core business objective.

A Cleaner World

Climate change has far-reaching consequences for our business and for the communities where we live and work, from water scarcity and energy constraints, to reduced food security and increased health risks.

And water scarcity is one of the most significant impacts of climate change affecting more than 40% of the global population1. This holds back economic and social development of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Our water stewardship efforts include not only improving water use efficiency inside our brewery walls, but also investing in watershed protection in high-stress areas, improving water management in our agricultural supply chain and helping provide access to water to communities in need.

The Paris climate talks in December 2015 marked a turning point, as world leaders agreed the first truly global commitment to act on climate change. In working towards these new goals, we need to scale up investments in renewable energy and move to a more efficient, circular economy focused on eliminating waste and emissions and creating value from what remains. This will not only tackle climate change but also boost job creation in local communities.

Looking at our own value chain, growing, brewing, packaging, cooling and transporting our beer all generate greenhouse gas emissions. And we are making significant strides in increasing energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions throughout our operations and across our entire value chain.

A Growing World

We want a growing world where everyone has the opportunity to improve their livelihoods.

And that means accelerating growth and social development across our value chain – from our growers to our retailers. We aim to build local programs that promote innovation, entrepreneurship and productivity.