Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use artificial flavours or sweeteners in your beers and ciders?
Are your beers and ciders suitable for vegetarians and vegans ?
I have a gluten allergy, can I consume your beers?
Do you use genetically modified ingredients in the production of your products?
I’m a consumer, where can I buy branded merchandise?
I’m a stockist of your products, how do I order branded point of sale materials for my outlet?
What temperature do I store my beer and cider at so it tastes at its best?
What percentage of apples are hand picked in Stella Artois Cidre (Apple)?
What is the round plastic ball shaped object in my can of Boddingtons?
Why is Beck’s Blue labelled ‘Alcohol Free’ yet states 0.05% ABV on the packaging?
Where can I find out more about the nutritional and dietary content of your products?
How do you decide which charities you work for? Would you consider a charity that I am involved with?
I am researching AB InBev for a student project, can you provide any further information in addition to what is already on your website?
Do you offer any tours of your breweries?
Is it possible for you to send me branded any complimentary AB InBev branded items?
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